Bank App Transfer: pay securely anytime, anywhere to our BPI or BDO

Bank transfers are accepted. With InstaPay member banks, no fees, too. Secure, safe, and convenient shopping with Mistwood Vape Philippines.

Pay for your order using your bank app, safely and from anywhere. Since almost all major banks in the country are now members of InstaPay and PESONet, nearly any bank app will work, instantly. Best of all, it's free!*

Just choose Bank Transfer under Payment during checkout, and find our bank account details in the confirmation we'll send immediately after checkout.

How to pay using your bank app? Here are explainers for some of the most popular banks:*

  • if using BDO, see here
  • if using BPI, see here
  • if using Eastwest, see here (send payment is around the 0:56 mark)
  • if using Metrobank, see here
  • if using Landbank, see here

If your bank is not in the list above, just visit your bank’s website for more info.

*Services of banks, similar financial institutions, e-wallet institutions, or their affiliates (Third Party or Parties herein) delivered via apps, websites, and traditional over-the-counter methods are subject to Third Party's own Terms and Conditions (T&Cs herein). Mistwood does not guarantee that any Third Party service will be free at availment, nor that any price, procedure, or other information provided or described by us is updated at all times. Third Party T&Cs may be changed with or without prior notice and at such Party's sole discretion. Stay updated on your bank's or institution's T&Cs through its app, website, or other publication. We disclaim any and all liabilities for errors of any kind in your use of their services to transact with us. Mistwood is in no way affiliated, representative, or in any other manner acting for or in their behalf. We are simply availing the modalities made available to us and to our clients by Third Parties to transact in a safe, secure, and healthful manner.