MVP Team Care: Liquid Explorer

MVP Team Care: Liquid Explorer

How do we bring you the experience of “trying before buying” in the new normal of all-online? We can’t. Not until we can digitize flavor.

For now, we can keep supporting your amazing new experiences with the next best thing.

Liquid Explorer (LEX) is intended to help you find your perfect liquids from our collection. Read our FAQs to see how it works.

Liquid Explorer

1. What’s in it for me?

LEX allows a one-time exchange of any liquid you’ve ordered for the first time from Mistwood, for a store credit code equivalent to the product price.

2. How does LEX store credit work?

LEX store credit is a discount code. You’ll be able to use it to discount a new order for any other liquid brand, flavor or nic level you may want to try.

So for example, you returned a liquid worth P350. Your store credit code will be worth P350. When you order another liquid worth P450 and enter your code at checkout, it’ll be discounted by P350.

Assuming your returned liquid qualifies for LEX, you’ll receive your store credit code by email within 24 hours of our receiving your return.

3. Any conditions?

For a liquid to qualify for LEX, all the following conditions must be met:

  1. You must have ordered the liquid for only the first time; think of it as your trial purchase
  2. You must return your liquid before one of the following occurs: lapse of 7 days from date of delivery, or consuming 5ml of 30ml bottles or 10ml of 50ml and larger bottles
  3. You must have an MVP Account; your account order history lets us see that it‘s the first time you’ve tried the liquid
  4. Return shipping is at your expense (see shipping details below); we’ll be taking a loss on the returned liquid, so we hope you understand
  5. Liquid content must not have been tampered with, and its bottle, cap and sticker must be whole and intact (except for the seal having been broken, of course); it is client’s responsibility to ensure that the product is not damaged during shipping
  6. Liquid must not have been purchased using a LEX store credit code.

4. If I’m ordering 2 or more bottles of the same liquid (same brand, flavor and nic level) for the first time, can I return all of them?

A special rule applies: you can return all of them if you’ve only opened one bottle to try.

If you’ve opened multiple bottles, you’ll only be able to return one for LEX purposes.

4. If I’m ordering 2 or more different liquids, can I return all of them if I like none of them?

Sure! You’re trying them for the first time. We’re right there with you.

5. What does it mean that “You must return your liquid before one of the following occurs: lapse of 7 days from date of delivery, or consuming 5ml of 30ml bottles or 10ml of 50ml and larger bottles?”

Put simply, you have to decide within 7 days of delivery OR until you consume 5ml or 10ml, depending on your liquid’s volume, whether the liquid is right for you.

6. Will my LEX store credit code expire?

Yes. A LEX store credit code will expire within 60 days of issuance. So, use it and explore! That’s the whole point of LEX.

7. What will Mistwood do with returned liquids that qualify for LEX?

Simple: we’ll throw them away. No resale. No reuse for any other purpose.

8. Anything else?

We may ask why you didn’t like your returned liquid. Don’t worry, it won’t determine whether or not we accept your return.

We value your feedback. It helps us choose and develop the best products and services for you guys.

Don’t wish to share your reasons? That’s perfectly fine, too.

9. How do I return a qualified liquid for LEX purposes?

Just ship your liquid with the following details, and we’ll take it from there:

  • Consignee Name: Mistwood Fulfillment c/o Beth Delos Santos
  • Address: 116A M. Almeda St., San Roque, Pateros
  • Phone: 09175388011

Be sure to indicate your name and order number in the sender field (ex. Joey Mitra, MVP-12345).

We’ll notify you of progress of your claim. If in doubt whether your liquid will qualify for LEX, message us and we’ll help you assess.

10. If I return a liquid and it turns out to be disqualified for LEX, what happens next?

You’ll have a choice if your returned liquid is disqualified (ex. More than 5ml of a 30ml bottle has been consumed).

  • We can redeliver it at your expense, under our usual shipping options and applicable rates. We’d encourage placing a new order for anything else you may need from us so you’ll make the most of shipping.
  • We can redeliver it free of charge provided the shipping address is within Metro Manila, but with an ETA of up to 8 working days in this special case.

We recommend reaching out to us if you have any doubt whether your liquid qualifies for a LEX return.

11. Great, I’m ready to explore new liquids! How do I start?

Just create an MVP Account if you haven’t already. Here’s the link to the account creation page.

If you have an account already, then it’s time to start exploring. Order any liquid you may be interested in. We’ve got your back. If you need help choosing the right brand, flavor, and nic level for you, message us and we’d be happy to help.