eCOD - Scan our BPI QR upon delivery and pay securely

How does it work?

Simple: Your package will arrive with a sticker showing our BPI QR Code. Just do the following then

  1. Open your BPI Mobile App on your phone or tablet
  2. Tap Transfer Via QR (it's the yellow button below Login)
  3. Tap Scan QR (your app will need access to your camera, of course)
  4. Point your phone or tablet camera to our BPI QR (you may need to move the camera a bit to get a successful scan)
  5. Follow the prompts in the Transfer Money screen
    • Choose your bank account under Transfer from 
    • Indicate your bill amount under Transfer amount
    • Make sure Transfer to 3rd party is checked uner Transfer amount
    • Tap Next and follow the prompts

That's it! Simple, contactless, safe payment. Our rider will then take a photo of your successful payment confirmation screen. Thank you in advance!

Oh, and if you're having trouble, no worries. Our helpful courier-partners can help with the process.

Term of service, though: If the BPI app is down, or you have no cellular or wifi service, you may need to pay in cold cash, and must then pay an additional P30 for cash handling services by our courier. You agree to this contingency by availing the service, so make sure to check with your bank if they anticipate any down-time around your expected delivery day.