How to Switch to Vaping


Switching to vaping can be an intimidating prospect. It doesn't matter if you've been smoking for a lifetime or only recently started. You know that smoking is easy--you just light up, smoke, and throw away that cigarette butt when you're done. Vaping on the other hand looks far more complicated and expensive, with the need for "mods" and "atomizers", batteries and chargers, liquids, and "rebuilding" coils.

The good news is that there's a better way.

Our Switch Kits are complete devices out of the box, and backed up with warranties and services to help you successfully quit smoking. Each Switch Kit ensures an affordable, safe, and convenient vape--vaping that just works.

Below we answer the most common questions we frequently receive from customers who want to switch to vaping, and provide tips to help you choose the right Switch Kit for you.

1) What are Switch Kits?

Switch Kits are complete vape devices. They work out-of-the-box, ready to be used with the liquid of your choice. No need to buy parts and accessories separately. Switch Kits just work.

2) What liquids should I use?

If you've been smoking for a long time, we recommend using liquids with a moderate to high nicotine content (>6mg/mL). This will ensure satisfaction with the nicotine content that you get out of the vapor, and help you stay off cigarettes.

When it comes to flavor, the choice is yours, really. Broadly, the categories of flavors are fruit, pastries, beverages, and tobacco. Be adventurous and discover the flavors that appeal to you.

3) Do I need a separate battery and charger?

Unless indicated in the product description, no. Almost all our switch Kits have integrated batteries, and can be charged with a simple micro-USB charger. 

4) What are the parts of a vape device?

Usually, a vape device will have an atomizer, a "mod," a battery (or multiple batteries), and a charger. These parts are often sold separately or in bundles. Bundles do not necessarily contain everything you need to vape; some just include the mod and the atomizer, or the mod and compatible batteries.

Switch Kits bring them all together in a single package. Chargers, unless indicated, are unnecessary.

5) What is a "rebuild"? What are rebuildable atomizers?

You may have heard friends or family who vape refer to "rebuilding" their device. This refers to removing the spent or damaged coil (the heating element) and wick inside an atomizer and installing a new coil and wick.

The coil can be built by hand using a thin wire and a few tools, or purchased "pre-made" and ready to be installed with a wick inside the atomizer. The wick can be made from cotton, silica, or even a fine wire-mesh, with cotton being far and away the most popular wicking material.

Rebuilding is not for everyone as it requires disassembly and reassembly of the atomizer, handling of small parts, and use of a few precision tools such as screwdrivers and "coiling jigs." While rebuildable devices are fantastic in their own right, rebuilding is an enthusiast activity that requires practice and, often, trial and error.

6) Are Switch Kits rebuildable?

Most Switch Kits do not need rebuilding. They rely instead on replaceable coils that are very easy to remove and replace as needed without significant disassembly or the use of tools.

Some Switch Kits have rebuildable atomizers, or atomizers whose heating elements can be rebuilt or simply replaced with replaceable coils. Please consult the product description for guidance.