Mistwood is part of the secure web.

While you're here, you're a part of it, too.

Whether you're just browsing through our products or checking out with a purchase, rest assured that we have undertaken all measures possible to secure your personal data.

Our webstore:

  • is certified by McAfee SECURE and constantly audited to be malware- and phishing-free;
  • is certified by and listed in TrustedSite, with our business name, address, and other credentials fully disclosed;
  • uses SSL Encryption Everywhere;
  • is hosted in a secure, remote, and world-class server facility.

We will NEVER:

  • sell, rent, or otherwise dispense your private data to any party;
  • misuse your data in any malicious or negligent manner whatsoever.

How do we use your data? We use it to

  1. accurately and quickly process your orders from confirmation, to delivery, to aftersales support;
  2. send you timely, relevant notifications on the status of your order, and only in the methods you have approved (ex. SMS, FB PM, email, etc.);
  3. periodically update you on our promos, sales, and other events you may be interested in;
  4. provide personalized recommendations to help you make informed buying decisions with us faster.

So, Mistwood's policy is basically this: ensure that you are secure in our webstore, and happy with your buying and vaping experience.