Ending Covid-19 Means Caring, Together

These policies are supplemented by our Community Quarantine delivery policies. Please take the time to read them as they are strictly applied:



Let’s help end Covid-19 together.

In line with the nation’s push against Covid-19, we observe the following procedures, and request that our valued clients also observe those under "Client Procedures for Receiving and Use" below.

Our Work Premises and Fulfillment Procedures

1) Social distancing will be observed inside work premises. All unnecessary movement shall be prohibited. Physical workflows have been rationalised to reinforce social distancing.

2) All staff will be subject to temperature checks at the start and middle of shift hours. Staff presenting any of the Covid-19 symptoms, as identified by official issuances of the DOH, will be refused entry to the work premises, and the workspace of and common spaces frequented by such staff will be immediately sanitized, accordingly.

3) Skeletal crew guidelines by the IATF and the DOH DM 2020-0220, and all work-from-home opportunities, will be observed.

4) All staff not working from home will be required to wear a mask and face shield.

  • All phones are subject to sanitation before and in the middle of a shift.
  • Face shields will be sanitized after any interaction exceeding 2 minutes and below 2m distancing.
  • Masks may only be removed during breaks, only if necessary, and provided at least 3m of distancing is observed in the meantime.
  • Masks are replaced everyday.

5) Fulfillment staff will hand sanitize before preparing each order for shipping, handwash every hour, and sanitize immediately following any handoff to a rider-partner.

6) Product outer packaging will be cleaned with unscented alcohol once a week and during each preparation, with a minimum 5-minute resting time before packaging for shipping, in line with PH DOH and US CDC guidance.

7) We will dispatch only to partner-riders who pass our temperature checks, are wearing a mask, and exhibit no obvious symptoms of Covid-19. Strictly no pickups by client or by representative, INCLUDING riders ordered through Grab, Lalamove, or similar services. We simply do not have the time to guide clients, their representatives, or their own riders to our location, help them find us if lost, walk them through building security protocols, and resolve similar complications that can arise from this method.

8) Rider-partners will only be permitted to visually inspect products upon handoff for delivery. Strictly no physical handling of products beyond the delivery packaging.

Client Procedures for Receiving, Cleaning, and Using Products

1) Wear a mask if you wish to receive your order personally from courier-partners.

2) Whenever possible, request that our courier-partner leave your PAID order outside your door, at the front-desk of your residence, or any similar arrangement, as applicable, in order to reduce physical contacts. Make sure your apartment, condo, village, closed subdivision or other residential system’s policies permit access to doorstep for such arrangements. Our courier-partners by default deliver at curbside only. Courier-partners communicate upon or immediately before arrival.

3) Dispose of the shipping packaging of your order and handwash immediately before handling products. We also recommend cleaning the outer packaging of your devices, liquids, accessories, etc. using an unscented alcohol solution with a minimum alcohol content of 70%.

4) Devices and parts, especially pod mouthpieces and atomizer drip tips, should be cleaned regularly with tissue paper or a clean towel soaked with unscented alcohol. Let dry for at least 5 minutes before using again. This is consistent with guidance from the DOH and US CDC.

5) Under no circumstance should any device be shared in use, regardless of any cleaning undertaken.