Updates and Special Policies for Community Quarantine Period

UPDATE 6: Aug. 4, 2020

We remain fully operational, with only minor adjustments to our terms of service to meet the staffing and logistical challenges of MECQ:

1) Same-Day Metro Manila delivery cutoff time is 530pm. To avail, and provided your address is within Metro Manila, select the option at checkout.

2) Same-Day Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and Rizal delivery cutoff time is 330pm. To avail, and provided your address is within the covered regions, select the option at checkout.

3) Traditional COD (tCOD) remains available at this time, with strict implementation of our requirement of an ID with date of birth for identity and age verification. tCOD orders without valid identification furnished within 1 hour of placement will be canceled.


UPDATE 5: JULY 16, 2020

On CQ Advisory: We are forecasting a return to restrictions on economic activity, pursuant to the public health goals of community quarantine, sometime in the next 30 days as Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the country. We encourage our valued clients to make their purchases accordingly, and at the soonest possible time.

We remain vigilant in implementing our Covid-19 policies, from staff and partner-rider screening to regular cleaning of product packaging and delivery packaging before and during fulfillment.

On Payment Methods: We are pleased to offer both traditional COD (tCOD) and electronic COD (eCOD via GCash, PayMaya, and BPI apps) options to clients not just within Metro Manila but also within Bulacan, Cavite, Rizal, and Laguna. To see how eCOD works, please read our eCOD guide. For tCOD, see option under Payment Method at checkout for terms of service.


UPDATE 4: JULY 12, 2020

We’re happy to announce the launch of our Liquid Explorer Program (LEX), as part of our unrivaled warranties and client support MVP Team Care.

LEX allows our clients to return any liquid purchased for the first time, in exchange for store credit so he or she can try another liquid,

Not loving your new liquid? LEX has your back.

For an overview of terms and conditions, please see our Liquid Explorer FAQs.


UPDATE 3: JUNE 6, 2020

Same Day Delivery cutoff times for ordering and payment now extended. See details at checkout.


UPDATE 2: JUNE 6, 2020

In line with easing of travel and work in the Metro, we're offering Next-Day delivery at a fee of just P179 while Standard delivery (3-4 days to arrive) is cheaper at P79.

Same-Day delivery fee is P249.

All pertinent Terms and Conditions apply.*


UPDATE 1: May 8 2020

Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, and Laguna areas are now serviceable on Same Day Select basis via Mr. Speedy. Kindly choose Same-Day Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, and Laguna option at checkout.

Mr. Speedy riders are bearers of RapidPass, the older IATF ID, or both. They can cross regional lines without need for inspection of cargo. Non-essential/luxury items such as our products can be safely delivered to our valued clients without risk of being sent back, held, or even confiscated at checkpoints. It is a very expensive service, but our priority has and will always be effective, timely delivery.

Unlike our competitor, we have avoided promising 11-14-day delivery turnarounds for regional shipments only to later clarify that it'll actually take 21-30 days subject to further delays, and that cancellation due to such delays means blacklisting for COD orders or a gift voucher (instead of unconditional refund) for paid orders. It's just not how we do business.

The actual shipping fee of Mr. Speedy shall be payable by the client only upon receiving delivery. The shipping fee shown in our website is a best estimate based on our analysis of distances of adjacent provinces and the kilometrage fee schedule of Mr Speedy. We will quote the actual shipping fee once an order is placed and we have confirmed that the shipping address is serviceable by Mr. Speedy. Kindly await our shipping fee quote before paying for your order's price, so you will know the full cost of the transaction and can refuse if too costly.



Special Terms and Conditions of Service

Community Quarantine

We are delivering during community quarantine, under due protocol for the safety of all, and with strict observance of the following policies:

1) Handwashing before each order processing, and hand sanitation pre- and post-dispatch.

2) Pursuant to DM 2020-0220 of the DOH (jointly determined with IATF, DTI, and DOLE), strict implementation of the following workplace rules:

  • Daily screening, including thermal measurement, interviewing, observance of symptoms, and self-reporting of symptoms of every worker, and referral to the public health system for the appropriate response to any symptomatic finding
  • Preventive workplace measures, including but not limited to masks, handwashing, sanitation, separation of workspaces, and social distancing
  • Rapid Testing consistent with DM 2020-0220, and with observance of protocols for reporting and referral to the public health system for the appropriate response to and validation of any positive finding
  • Any worker who is found symptomatic, or presently asymptomatic though symptomatic within 14 days prior to screening, shall not be allowed to work.

3) Strictly no physical inspection of product packaging by courier-rider. They will only be allowed to visually inspect our products through our outer packaging. As always, our outer packaging is discreet and anonymous, as we understand privacy concerns regarding deeply personal habits such as vaping.

4) Only orders for anywhere in Metro Manila as well as Bulacan, Rizal, Cavite, and Laguna areas will be processed (see guidance above for our expanded regional service). Traditional COD and electronic COD options are available in all serviceable locations. See options at checkout and kindly read their terms and conditions carefully for best guidance.

5) We will dispatch only to partner-riders who are wearing a mask and exhibiting no obvious symptoms of Covid-19. Strictly no pickups by client or by representative, INCLUDING riders ordered through Grab, Lalamove, or similar services. We do not have the time to guide clients, their representatives, or own riders to our location, walk them through building security protocols, and similar complications that can arise from this method (ex. rider cannot locate exact address; rider is being questioned by community enforcers; rider will be late for this or that reason, rider is lost, etc.). Processing deliveries ourselves ensures that we are on time, all the time, and accountable if we’re not.

6) Deliveries will be performed anytime within 12NN-7PM on the applicable date of delivery. Delivery time requests shall not be honored. Placing an order is equivalent to a representation that client or his/her authorized representative will be present and available to receive in the shipping address within our delivery hours on the applicable date/s of delivery.

7) Our delivery options:

  • "Standard" means 2-3 days will elapse from the time an order is placed AND paid and the order is delivered. Cutoff time is 3PM. If client places and pays the order before 3PM today, delivery shall be 2-3 days following today. After 3PM, however, then 2-3 days will be counted from the following day. We will update only on the day of delivery, to confirm client's availability to receive delivery anytime within the day.
  • "Same-Day" means delivery within the day, though not on a specific time. Cutoff time for ordering AND payment is 3PM for Metro Manila and 1PM for select regional areas (see first section of this webpage for the list of serviceable areas). This means that for delivery today, order must be placed AND paid before cutoff. If client places the order and settles payment after cutoff, the order will be delivered the next day. If the client places the order before cutoff but settles payment after cutoff, then the same rule applies and the order will be delivered the next day. We will update only immediately before dispatching delivery, to confirm client's availability to receive delivery anytime within the day.
8) Deliveries that are not received by reason of client's absence in the delivery address or client being unreachable (ex. client cannot be contacted, or client address cannot be reached due to building, village, or local restrictions to entry of couriers, and similar) on the day of delivery, regardless of the exact reason, will incur a redelivery fee equal to the original delivery option availed. The redelivery will be scheduled to a later date, at our discretion. If client refuses to pay the redelivery fee, we reserve the right to cancel the order, and duly refund the client's payment minus the initial delivery fee paid.

    9) We may not be able to provide estimated times or dates of delivery upon inquiry. Please refer to the policy for your chosen delivery option to make a personal assessment. If, for example, a client orders and pays before cutoff time on Monday under the Standard delivery option, then days 2-3 are Wednesday and Thursday. If after cutoff, days 2-3 are Thursday and Friday. For the estimated time, it will be anytime within 12NN to 7PM on either date.

    10) Inquiries will only be accommodated through our Facebook Page. Please expect a delay in our response.

    • To allow us to work more efficiently and safely given our limited workforce, all questions already addressed through this policy page, our FB Page automated response/s, our social media posts, website header and other publications of policies may be responded to by way of links and referrals to pertinent web pages. Please bear with us, and take the time to read as this allows us all time to serve you faster without compromising safety protocols.
    • Inquiries for estimated time of delivery, estimated day/date of delivery, and similar may be referred back to items 5-6 above for own assessment of delivery day/date/time. Please bear with us.

    11) The policies in this page, whenever and wherever relevant, supersedes policies found elsewhere in our website and advertisements, social media posts, and similar.

    12) Any and all orders placed that are inconsistent with the policies herein, including orders placed addressed beyond serviceable areas, shall be subject to immediate cancellation and/or offer/s of alternative resolution, including alternative fulfillment arrangements, at our discretion and to be determined on a case-to-case basis, as conditions permit.

    13) These policies will be in effect until sooner amended, revised, or in any other way changed in response to relevant conditions, without need of prior notice.