Same-Day Cash on Delivery Now Available

Same-Day COD is now available within Metro Manila!

Receive and pay for your order at the convenience of your address on the same day that you order. It is that convenient!

How does it work?

At checkout, just choose "Same-Day for COD Orders Within Metro Manila" as your shipping method and "Cash on Delivery (Within Metro Manila)" as your payment method during checkout.

Be ready to respond to our call or SMS to your mobile number to confirm your order. If your supplied mobile number cannot be reached, or if the order is otherwise not confirmed, we reserve the right to cancel your order or put off the delivery to a later date.

Our express courier will collect payment upon delivery of your order. Tip: Please prepare the exact amount for our mutual convenience.

What is the fee for Same-Day COD?

The shipping fee for same-day COD is a fixed P349 for the whole of Metro Manila. Your total bill will be inclusive of the shipping fee already.

Is there a cutoff?

Yes. An order must be entered before 4PM in order to be processed for delivery on the same business day. Orders entered on or after 4PM are deemed entered on the following business day and will be processed for delivery on said business day.

Can I have my order delivered to a place other than my residence?

Sure. We can deliver wherever it is permissible for you to receive and pay (ie. transact) for your order. If you are at work, which is a common scenario for our customers, please make sure your workplace permits such transactions; otherwise, you may have to meet our courier in another location nearby. 

Mistwood does not warrant that our courier will be able to transact with you exactly in the address you specify; it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that it is permissible and convenient to transact with our courier at the delivery address he or she supplies. If circumstances dictate, it is also the customer's responsibility to coordinate with our courier as to the next best place to transact nearby.

If you are currently in a place of business as a customer (such as while dining in a restaurant or in a coffeeshop) and wish to transact there, please remember that we make no commitment as to a specific time of delivery within a business day. If you have a time request, please inquire with us or indicate it under "Special Instructions" during checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate it. Mistwood reserves the right to cancel orders that cannot be delivered within restrictive time requirements. 

Can I request for change to be brought?

Yes. If you need our courier to bring change, please indicate it in the "Special Instructions" section during checkout. Just state "change for _____," specifying the amount of cash that you have. Example: "change for P2000."

If you have other questions about our Same-Day COD option, shoot us an email ( or SMS/call (0917-831-6478) now.