aegis boost luxury edition philippines more flavors await
aegis boost luxury edition philippines with 5 coils included
aegis boost luxury edition philippines water resistant ip67 rating
water resistant aegis boost luxury edition philippines, in navy blue
aegis boost luxury edition philippines colored black against green background
aegis boost luxury edition philippines colored black in white background
aegis boost luxury edition philippines in navy blue against white background

Aegis Boost Luxury Edition Pod Mod Kit (5 Free Coils) by Geekvape

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Aegis Boost Luxury Edition for a greater flavor adventure in vaping.

GeekVape improves the original Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit with the Aegis Boost Luxury Edition Pod Mod Kit. It includes 5 free coils, perfect for beginners and advanced users who want to explore vaping with more options for liquid types and settings. The pod mod design takes its inspiration from GV’s popular Aegis mods, retaining their signature shock, dust, and water-resistance while making the power profile suitable for pod-like performance.

Aegis Boost Luxury Edition (or Aegis Boost LE) Pod Mod Kit boasts a large internal battery of 1500mAh. Usage is regulated by the AS Chip, ensuring safety for both the device and the user. The AS Chip has a near-instantaneous firing speed and is capable of delivering 5 to 40 watts of power--wide enough for both salt nic and freebase nic liquids (note: Mistwood recommends lowering wattage settings the higher the nic level of the liquid used).

The pod section of Aegis Boost Luxury Edition offers several conveniences. Coil replacement is plug-and-play, and airflow control is intuitive with a simple dial. Refilling remains easy with a top-fill port covered by a silicone stopper to prevent spills.

*This product succeeds the original Aegis Boost Pod Mod Kit.

*If you prefer a pod kit that does not require refilling, we recommend you check out MOTI Pod Kit and disposable MOTI Pods.

*If you prefer a smaller pod mod in the Aegis line, we recommend Aegis Hero Pod Mod Kit.

Geek Vape Aegis Boost Luxury Edition 40W Pod Mod Features:

  • Dimensions - 106.8mm by 39.2mm by 27.7mm
  • Built-in 1500mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Wattage Range: 5-40W
  • Voltage Range: 1.0-6.0V
  • Firing Speed: 0.08s
  • Zinc-Alloy Chassis with Leather and Silicone Panels
  • IP67 Rating for Water, Shock, and Dust Resistance
  • Single Firing Button
  • Two Settings Buttons
  • 0.42in OLED Display Screen
  • 3.7mL Refillable Pod with Replaceable Coil
  • PTGC Food-Grade Plastic Pod
  • Top Fill System with Silicone Cap
  • Airflow Control Dial
  • Plug 'n' Play Coil Installation
  • Press-To-Fit Pod Connection
  • Protections: Over Temperature, Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Discharge, Over Charge


  • 1 GeekVape Aegis Boost LE Pod Mod
  • 1 0.4ohm coil (pre-installed)
  • 1 0.3ohm coil (spare)
  • 1 0.4ohm coil (spare)
  • 1 0.6ohm coil (spare)
  • 1 1.2ohm coil (spare)
  • 1 Drip Tip
  • 1 Coil tool
  • 1 Lanyard, key ring, and GV Boost pendant set
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • User Manual and Inserts

Clients often ask us, is ______ kit good?

The answer is simple: if we're carrying it, it's better than good. It’s great.

We wouldn't be carrying it if we didn't think so.

The tricky question is, will it be great for you?

To help you make the right personal choice, we suggest asking yourself the following questions, and we can guide you based on the answers.

Will I be using the kit mostly outside, or mostly at home?

If you'll be using your kit on your daily drive, or in a vaping area at work (by the way, if your workplace has a vaping area or has access to one, then congratulations), you'll want a kit that offers great battery life.

That means a minimum of 1500mAh for pods with coils well below 1.0ohm, or 550mAh for pods with coils at or above 1.0ohm, so you won't need to charge too often. If you'll be using the kit mostly at home, then any will work for you, BUT you should ask yourself next...


Will I be using just salts, just freebase, or alternating between both?

If you're a salts kind of guy/gal (and you should be, if you're trying to quit smoking, or have kept off stink sticks but are still craving for one, once in a while), look for a kit with a coil/pod resistance of 1.0ohm or higher, or at least gives you that option.

1.0ohm or higher coils will produce the smoothest, most flavorful vapor using salts, and you won't risk getting too hard a hit from too much vapor.

Now, if you're freebase-only, then you'll want a kit with a coil resistance much lower than 1.0ohm. We'd recommend 0.4 to 0.6ohm ourselves.

But, keep in mind that the battery capacity of your kit will need to be higher the lower the resistance of the coil. If you ask us, we'd look for no less than 1500mAh out of a kit that uses a coil/pod at 0.6ohm. At 0.4 ohm, 1500mAh is pushing it. The reason is simple: the lower the coil/pod resistance, the more electricity will flow through it as a function of time, and therefore the more power it'll consume during use (f$&@ that's actually more complicated than we want it to sound, but what can you do? Science).

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