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Holi Puffs

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Looking for bold flavors with strong, high quality nicotine and awesome throat hit? Look no further.

Holi Puffs pairs the robust flavors of vanilla, caramel, nuts, and cream with unusually strong nic and throatiness for old school vaping.

#Chasebetter with Holi Puffs.

Product Details

  • Volume: 65ml
  • Nicotine levels: 3mg/ml and 6mg/mL
  • VG to PG ratio: 70:30
  • Pod Compatibility: Yes
  • Flavors
    • Butterscotch RY4 - Creamy butterscotch with medium bodied RY4 tobacco base
    • French Vanilla Roasted Peanut - Smoothness of french vanilla flavor topped off with roasted peanuts